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About Marco Avigo

Marco Avigo Wine Tour to Italy
I have been all around the world of wine, both geographically and professionally. I have worked in almost every aspect of the industry, from Jakarta to Texas.

I was the youngest Master Sommelier to graduate from the Italian Sommeliers Association in Milan, Italy in 1986.In the nineties I owned and operated the Ristorante Gallo d’Oro in Moniga- Lake of Garda, named “One of the Best Restaurants in Northern Italy” five years in a row. The restaurant housed one of Italy’s finest wine cellars, and featured more than 400 wines and 78 single-malt Scotches. From there, I joined Saber, a food, wine, and restaurant supply company in Lugano, Switzerland. While there, I developed markets in Brunei, Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong.

In 1999, I took my expertise across the ocean. For five years I was vice president of marketing for Viva Vino Import Company. I created personal labels for private wine companies, developed and strengthened business relationships with wine producers in Italy and America, and assisted in the launch of new markets in Texas, Georgia, North Carolina and Tennessee.

From 2007 to 2017, I was General Manager/Master Sommelier, at Penne Restaurant at the Inn at Penn – Hilton Hotel.

From 2017 to 2019, I was Director of Food and Vbeverage at the Emabassy Suites Hotel in Philadelphia.

In 2010, I created “Alto Palato” (High Palate). A professional catering service for cocktail receptions, wine dinners in private houses, wine classes, wine seminars and cooking classes.

In 2011, I was certified as “Wine Location Specialist” released by The Champagne Bureau, France and Instituto dos Vinhos do Douros and Porto, Portugal.

In 2013 “Marco Avigo Tours” was created with the purpose to give to friends, customers and all those who love good food, good wine and Italy, to experience firsthand these things with me in Italy visiting villages and areas still unknown to many.

Marco Avigo